What Kind of Funeral Flowers Should You Send?

If a friend, family member, or other loved one has passed away, one way to express your sympathy and show your respect is to send flowers. When sending funeral flowers Layton, however, you may be unsure as to what type of flowers to send.

Each type of flower sent for the funeral or to the grieving immediate family members is representative of something. They can be used to express your sympathy and condolences or speak – without saying a word – on what you felt about the person who passed.

Here, we have the most common types of flowers to include in your arrangement, along with what they represent.

Types of Funeral Flowers with Meaning

White Lily: Representative of purity, and sometimes used to represent the innocence of a person’s rebirth in the afterlife

White Stargazer Lily: Expresses sympathy and condolences specifically

Gladioli: In any chosen color, this says you thought the deceased had a strong character, and was sincere during life

Red Carnations: Sending these says you admired the deceased

Pink Carnations: These signify remembrance

Chrysanthemums: Around the world, these flowers are used as symbols of death or grief, thus making them appropriate to include in any funeral flower arrangement

White Rose: Says you felt reverence for the deceased, or that you believed them to be humble, innocent, or full of youth

Pink Rose: Speaks high of your love and appreciation for the departed, as well as their grieving family members

Crimson Rose: Is used in the United States to signify sorrow or grief

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Yellow Rose: Signifying friendship, a single yellow rose in a funeral arrangement expresses how much you valued the friendship of the departed during their lifetime

Yellow Tulip: Offers encouragement to the grieving family members, and is sometimes said to speak of hope