How To Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your Home

Suspect bed bugs in your home? It is hard not to panic, but it is important that you are relaxed, perform a thorough inspection, and take action to rid your home of these pests. Although a bed bug is not deadly sins it doesn’t carry disease, any homeowner will tell you it is a pest they’d rather not deal with. The bites they cause are a nuisance and they also cause a mental strain. Sharing the bed with pests is not the way that you want to share your bed.

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Here are a few tips that can help you keep bed bugs at bay or get them out of your hair if an infestation occurs at your home.

1- Make sure that it is a bed bugs problem in your home before starting treatment. The bugs leave a bite that resembles that of a mosquito, but resemble a tick. You do not want to treat for this pest and pay the expense if it is in fact a problem with something else.

2- DIY treatments for bed bugs staten island home exist, including foggers. However, the EPA does not recommend the use of a fogger for elimination of this pest. It is best that you phone a pest control professional to resolve a suspected bed bug infestation rather than choose to self treat.

3- Clutter gives pests more places to hide, so it is time to clear the clutter from the home. You will keep the bed bugs away when there is less clutter, but also many other pests as well. Plus, your home will look spectacular when it is free from clutter.

4- Keep the linens on all of the beds in the home clean. This includes sheets, blankets, comforters, etc. You should wash these items and dry them at high heat at least once per week. Cleanliness is important.